Youth Developement

Workshop focuses on skills development

Welcoming the young participants, PMU’s Vice Rector for Business Affairs and Development Adel Al-Saleh said the workshop’s primary aim was to focus on creating awareness among the youngsters on the new methods and techniques of enhancing their skills

“This workshop had an orientation program to guide the youth to choose the area of studies by keeping their career leanings in view,” he said. “Appropriate subject selection is necessary to excel in secondary, university and post-university-level education”

The Prince Naif Chair for Youth Development at PMU considers new ideas of relevance. “Youngsters have an excellent opportunity to explore various avenues of professional development at university,” said the organizers The workshop focused on the demands of youths in the present and future context, especially through finding suitable avenues to tackle unemployment-related issues. It exhorted the young generation to concentrate on professionalism

“The workshop helped inspire the youth community to value training and the role of information technology for an effective change,” said Al-Saleh. “Youths were encouraged to become good citizens through active participation in community development activities”

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